Devilmite beam

Spike using the devilmite beam

The Devilmite Beam is the most powerful attack (Ultimate Attack) of Spike the Devilman. Spike shoots out a purple beam of energy at the opponent which increases all evil thoughts in a person that causes their heart to explode. This move is able to destroy nearly everyone with even the slightest bit of evil in their heart. Spike used this against Goku, but since he was pure of heart, the attack failed. Due to the use of this attack it could be the strongest attack in the series being able to kill all the bad guys in the series in a single hit. It could even kill a Super Saiyan 4 to that form gaining some nagative thoughts of anger and such. However it is possible that the move won't affect one who is transformed into a Full Power Super Saiyan due to the transformed state allowing the individual to stay calm as if he were in his base form.