The Supea RaceEdit

Saiyan space

The Saiyan Space Pods land on Earth.

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Supea Goku arrives on Earth.

As Gotek and Goku Jr. were heading home, they saw two space ships land.

Goku Jr.: Huh? I wonder what that was.

Gotek: Wanna go see?

Goku Jr.: I'll pass. My mom would yell at me if I came home late. Trust me, she's scary!

Gotek: Okay, see ya!

Goku Jr.: Bye!

As Gotek goes to see what happened, Goku arrives home. Gotek landed at the crash site and saw two Supea Space Pods.

Gotek: *Shocked* Oh no! Not these guys, again!

Supea Goku: *Gets out of Pod*

Supea: *Gets out of Pod* Heh. It's you. It's time we got our revenge!

Supea Goku: *Punches Gotek* Hahahahaha! Is that all you've got?

Gotek: *Goes Super Saiyan 2* Haaaaaaaaaaah! *Charges at Supea.

Supea: *Knocks Gotek away*

Gotek: *Goes flying* Burning Attack!

Gotek SS2

Super Saiyan 2 Gotek

Supea Goku: *Deflects*

Gotek: *Goes back to normal*

Supea: I don't have time for this! Since you won't fight me, I'll just kill all of your "little friends!" *Flies away*

Supea Goku: *Flies away* Heh, what a weakling!

Gotek: I've got to warn the others!

Supea Goku and his leader, Supea, set off to kill Gotek's friends. Will Gotek make it in time? Find out on Episode 3!