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Dragon Ball Super Nova Story Line Edit

The lead character Shenra and his best friend Oriokan are 2 Saiyan warriors that were sent away at the age of 4 months to a distant planet in the South Quadren because of their immense power levels of 4000 at birth. From
  • Hawkz
  • Syceth
  • Boja
  • Oriokan
  • Jaw
  • Shenra
  • Grokan
the start these 2 saiyans were different and did not like to be evil but instead enjoyed fighting for the good of it. They are both kind-hearted and love to fight.There is a misterous type of Dragon Balls on the planet (Nano). It is 9 Golden Dragon Balls and you get one wish. The two heros decide to find the balls and use the wish to find where they come from. The first "bad-guy" they encounter is Syceth with his evil minion" Hawkz. Some of the more Vegeta like characters are Boja and Grokan who are both "rangers". They rome frealy around the universe caring about no one but themselves but they both eventually start to help Shenra and Oriokan in there fights with Syceth.Jaw comes into the series 10 episodes in as a supposed villian but starts to laugh when he says he is gonna kill everyone and decides join them on their queste for the Dragon Balls. This all happens about the same time as Dragon Ball.


Shenra: Good-hearted but gets mad quite fast

Oriokan: A bit of a player and never gets mad

Boja: Always mad and never talks to anyone except to Shenra because he see's potentiol in him

Grokan: Thinks he's really cool and is always making remarks about someone's clothes

Syceth: Pure evil, what more is there to say

Hawkz: Quite stupid but can make his own choices

Jaw: Always neutral and mellow