The FUNimation Dub is the second English dub track produced for Dragon Ball Z FUNimation Entertainment later dubbed Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Z Kai into English as well.

Originally, FUNimation and Saban Entertainment contracted Ocean Studios to dub the first 53 episodes of the Dragon Ball Z series for North American release. However, when FUNimation stopped working with Saban, the former could no longer afford the services of the cast at Ocean Studios nor could they afford the original musical score produced by Shuki Levy and Kussa Mahehi. Therefore, from episode 54 onward (the beginning of season 3), FUNimation began using their own in-house talent, based in Ft. Worth, Texas, to dub the rest of the series. All the episodes from 54 to 276 (291 uncut) were dubbed by FUNimation, and were broadcasted with that dub in the United States.

Pioneer (later Geneon) had the initial rights to distribute the first two seasons in DVD, and relased them with the Ocean dub. FUNimation later relased DVDs for episodes 54 (season three) onwards, which contained FUNimation's dub. When FUNimation acquired the rights for the first two seasons from Geneon, it created the Ultimate Uncut Special Edition line to release its own version of the first two seasons in DVD. FUNimation then re-dubbed the first 53 (67 uncut) episodes (the first two seasons) with its in-house talent for consistency with the rest of its dub.

The first three movies had also been dubbed by the Ocean Group, and released in DVD by Geneon. The rest of the movies (4-13) had been dubbed by FUNimation's cast. When FUNimation acquired the rights for the DVD distribution of the first three movies from Pioneer in 2004, it re-dubbed those three movies using FUNimation's cast. They were released in the Ultimate Uncut Special Editionline, in the "First Strike" boxset. At this point, FUNimation had all the episodes and movies from Dragon Ball Z dubbed or re-dubbed by its in-house talent.

The Remaster Box Sets use the FUNimation dub for all the episodes and movies.