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Future Dr. Gero (Future Android 20)
Mirai no Dr. Gero
Mirai no Jinzōningen Nijugō
Anime name Android #20
Alternate names Dr. Gero of the Future
Doctor Gero
Jinzōningen #20
Cyborg #20
Artificial Human #20
Artificial Human No. 20
Debut "Mystery Revealed"
Appears in
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Race Human / Android
Gender Male
Date of death May 10th, Age 767
Allegiance Red Ribbon Army (Scientist, ??? - Age 750)
  • Android 8 (Co-Creation)
  • Android 13 (Creation)
  • Android 14 (Creation)
  • Android 15 (Creation)
  • Android 16 (Creation)
  • Future Android 17 (Creation)
  • Future Android 18 (Creation)
  • Android 19 (Creation)
  • Future Cell (Creation)
  • Future Dr. Gero, or Future Android 20, is a counterpart of Dr. Gero from Future Trunks and Future Cell's alternate timeline.


    In Future Trunks' timelineEdit


    Dr. Gero as a human after Goku defeated the Red Ribbon Army

    In some flashbacks of Future Trunks' timeline, Dr. Gero is seen as a human after the Red Ribbon Army was defeated by Goku, having not made himself into an android.

    Later in this timeline, Future Dr. Gero (in his Android 20 form) is destroyed sometime after he had activated Android 18 and Android 17: Future Android 18 distracts Dr. Gero by knocking over some equipment and 17 cuts his head off. As he warns them about Cell absorbing them, 18 blows up his head. When he was killed, the Super Computer he made to finish Future Cell was already working, so it continued and eventually finished its work.

    In Cell's timelineEdit

    In Cell's timeline (shown in episodes "Ghosts from Tomorrow" and "The Horror Won't End"), Future Dr. Gero is shown to be Android 20 just as his present timeline counterpart.

    During Imperfect Cell's flashback to Piccolo, it is explained how Dr. Gero had discovered a way to fuse together the cells from the strongest warriors to walk Earth (Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Frieza, and King Cold) and create a supreme fighting entity. After realizing that his project would take too long to be completed before his time, he decided to turn attention to other matters and leave his supercomputer from the lab to complete Cell.


    Dr. Gero in Cell's flashback

    During Super Perfect Cell's flashback, Gero is shown killed by Future Android 17 and Future Android 18. He is killed as he finishes off the settings for the supercomputer to begin working on completing Cell (which contradicts his previous statement that Dr. Gero abandoned it).

    Video game appearanceEdit

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