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Debut Manga: Dragon Ball Minus: The Departure of the Fated Child"
Chapter 306 (Manga)
Anime: Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku
Appears in
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Race Saiyan
Gender Female
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death June 14, Age 737 (Anime)
Age 739 (Manga)
Height 5'4" (163 cm)
Weight 102 lbs (47 Kg)
Address Planet Vegeta
Occupation Soldier (Formerly)
Meat distribution employee
Allegiance Saiyan Army (Bardock's Elite)
  • Bardock (Husband)
  • James (Close ally)
  • Mary (Close friend)
  • Raditz (Son)
  • Goku (Son)
  • Chi-Chi (Daughter-in-law)
  • Ox-King (Brother-in-law)
  • Ox-Queen (Sister-in-law)
  • Gohan (Grandson)
  • Goten (Grandson)
  • Videl (Grandaughter-in-law)
  • Pan (Great-granddaughter)
  • Goku Jr. (Descendant)
  • Tora (Former teammate)
  • Fasha (Former teammate)
  • Borgos (Former teammate)
  • Shugesh (Former teammate)
  • "And above all else, why would you want our youngest child to be sent away to Earth!? Your son will defeat Frieza for 25 years later."
    — Gine angrily questions Bardock in "Dragon Ball Minus: The Departure of the Fated Child" and "Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku"

    Gine (ギネ, Gine) is a female Saiyan, the kind wife of Bardock, and the loving mother of Raditz and Goku. She's the mother in law of Chi-Chi, the paternal grandmother of Gohan, Goten, and Pan. She's also the ancestor of Goku Jr.

    She débuted in the manga Dragon Ball Minus, and anime Dragon Ball Z: Bardock: The Father of Goku and was originally part of Bardock's team. Due to her ineptitude for battle, she joined the meat distribution plant instead. She and Bardock both died, along with the majority of the Saiyans, when Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta in June 14, Age 737.

    Appearance Edit

    Gine was a beautiful woman of average height and slender build: a slim figure physique, the shape of softer eyes and kind face that her youngest son have inherited traits from her. She had a lighter-pale complexion, onyx black eyes, and shaggy black hair reaching her shoulders.

    She wore a sleeveless black bodysuit and pink combat armor highlighted with green and outlined by white, in addition to purple armbands and white boots. Her armor also had a thigh-length hoop. A breastplate with armored straps, arm warmers, a skirt, black leggings, and white boots.

    Like all Saiyans in her respective universe, she naturally possesses a tail, which unlike most adult Saiyans, she lets sway freely rather than securing it around her waist.

    In Dragon Ball Fusions and Dragon Ball Heroes, she wears a dark indigo battle armor with purple armbands.

    Personality Edit

    Gine had a gentle and caring personality similar to her youngest son and both her grandsons, and because of that, she was not cut out because she's lack for passion for fighting. Even more, she developed a genuine union with Bardock of companionship, which is a rare case for Saiyans, who normally do not develop male-female relationships except for breeding purposes.

    Being saved by Bardock several times in battle caused Gine to fall in love with the low-class warrior, showing an affectionate side rarely seen in Saiyans. Gine was a very tender, caring, friendly, pure-hearted, kindhearted, gentle, sweet, romantic, cheerful, energetic, gentle, native and loving mother; despite the normal behavior for Saiyans in her age was to be sent off to planets, she was very much against her youngest son become in a infant baby. She also seemed to view her children with a touch of pride, speaking highly of Raditz becoming a better combatant and partnering with the Saiyan Prince Vegeta and Nappa by Frieza to her husband.

    Gine displayed an infectious nature that her youngest son Kakarot: (Goku) would inherit traits from her. Her innate purity, caring, pure-heart, softness, gentle, kindhearted and innocent nature seemed to have an effect on her husband, Bardock, who had initially been as ruthless as most Saiyans. Living with Gine, however, changed Bardock's own perception, a rare talent not many have.

    However despite her gentleness she is shown to be protective of her youngest son as she briefly argues with Bardock about sending Kakarot to Earth as an infiltration baby knowing it is dangerous and the wrath of Frieza. She is also shown to be proud of Raditz for being assigned to invade a planet with the Saiyan Prince Vegeta, showing that she loves both of her sons.

    In Dragon Ball Fusions, she nearly reveals herself to be Kid Goku's mother when she encounters him in the Timespace Rift, though reconsiders and decides to keep their relationship as mother and son from him much like her husband does when he meets Kid Goku. She is shown to stand up for her fellow Saiyans when she overhears some fighters plotting to crush a Saiyan before they can transform into a Super Saiyan and become a threat, however she ends up being badly injured. Her refusal to stand by while these men were plotting to kill a fellow Saiyan is quite similar to her son Goku, who is well known for his wiliness to protect innocent people. After Goku comes to her rescue, she worries about him when he is attacked by Yamma while asking if she is alright, though she is shocked when Goku stops the attack. Seeing how strong he has become, Gine decides she wants to do something to help her son while noting that Bardock would probably tease her for being overly sentimental.

    Biography Edit

    Background Edit

    Gine used to be a member of Bardock's team. While she was a part of that team, Bardock routinely saved her from many dangers on the battlefield. This caused her to develop romantic feelings for him, which Bardock eventually began to return and the two grew to have a special bond. As she was not cut out for fighting, Gine went on to work at the meat distribution center on Planet Vegeta. She bears Bardock two sons, the first named Raditz, and the second named Kakarot. Gine see her oldest son Raditz meeting James's one of his daughters, Maria, who's the same age as him.

    Jaco the Galactic Patrolman Edit

    Main article: Dragon Ball Minus: The Departure of the Fated Child.

    Gine Cutting Meat

    Gine working at the meat distribution center

    On Planet Vegeta, Gine is butchering meat when Bardock returns from a mission and both greet each other in a hug. She tells Bardock that Raditz is already a fighter, and is working with Prince Vegeta and Nappa. Since they are far away, though, they have not returned yet. When Bardock asks if Kakarot is still in the incubator, she replies affirmatively and tells that it took three years. Gine then says that she will take Kakarot out soon. A while later, Bardock tells Gine that he will steal an Attack Ball in the night so that they can send Kakarot to another planet. Gine questions Bardock, who reassures her that it is for Kakarot's sake. Gine then says that it is not like a Saiyan to worry about his children. Bardock shoots back that her "softness" disease spread to him too.

    009 ¹

    Gine and Bardock hugging each other

    Later on, when Bardock brings the Attack Ball at night, he and Gine put a little grown and desperate Kakarot in it. Gine suggests they all run away, but Bardock says it is no use since they would immediately be found through the scouters. Gine nervously says to her son that if his father is just overthinking this, they will come after him right away. Bardock warns Kakarot not to look for too long at the full moon; they will tell Raditz about this too and Kakarot's whereabouts. Bardock also warns Kakarot to watch out for the Galactic Patrolmen as the pod starts to shoot off the planet. Bardock puts his arm around Gine and both watch their son leaving Planet Vegeta.

    Gine is presumed to be killed along with most of the other Saiyans when Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta. No account details her survival.

    Dragon Ball Z Edit

    Frieza Saga Edit

    Main article: Frieza Saga

    Gine is mentioned by Vegeta and Frieza for being Goku's biographical mother in the anime episode "The End of Vegata",

    Film Appearances Edit

    Bardock - The Father of Goku Edit

    Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku

    "I'm so sorry about what Frieza done this to you and your friends, Bardock. Please Bardock, stop Frieza, he will destroy the Planet Vegeta and I love you, Bardock."
    — Gine's last words and confessed her feelings for Bardock before her death


    Gine died in her husband's arms after been killed by Frieza

    Dragon ball minus bardock and gine by bl sama-dag7we1

    Gine and Bardock in Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku

    In anime, before Goku was sent off to Earth to destroy it where, she's seen her youngest son for the first time to hold him in her arms happily as his kindhearted mother as now his parents sent him off to protect him from Frieza’s evil plan and planet's destruction. Later, she's been killed and tortured laying on the ground outside of their house on Planet Vegeta, she tells Bardock that she loved him and their youngest son to be great hero to defeat Frieza with beautiful smile, and died in Bardock's arms in the end hands of Zarbon and Dodoria orders from Frieza like Bardock's friends did.

    Other Dragon Ball stories Edit

    Dragon Ball Fusions Edit

    In Dragon Ball Fusions, after meeting Bardock and completing Sub-Event: "Father's Fist", Tekka's Team encounter Gine in 4F by opening a time hole on an island near the team's Spaceship. Gine comes through the time hole and is confused by her new surroundings inside the Timespace Rift. Pan recognizes her as a female Saiyan and is excited to meet a pure female Saiyan for the first time, unaware that Gine is actually her paternal great-grandmother.

    When Kid Goku points out she has a tail like him, Gine is surprised to see her son and calls him by his birth name. Kid Goku seems to vaguely sense he knows her from somewhere. Gine almost reveals herself to be his birth mother, but like her husband decides to keep her connection to him a secret and says she doesn't know him. Like with Bardock, Goku notes Gine has a familiar scent implying he retained memories of both his parents scents. Gine leaves abruptly and Pan notes she was kind of standoffish.

    This leads to Sub-Event: "An Unlikely Pair" where Tekka's Team can find Gine under attack by Rubee, Fargo, Caluppa, Peppa, and Yamma. They discover that Rubee and his team were planning on attacking a Saiyan before he can become a Super Saiyan but Gine attempted stop them. Kid Goku and the team comes to her defense and fight Rubee's Team.

    After defeating them, Goku checks on Gine and asks if she is okay, but Yamma attacks him for seemingly letting down his guard. Gine fears for her son's safety, but is shocked when Goku stops Yamma's attack. Gine notes how strong he is and is secretly very proud that he has grown into a strong fighter. However she notes that Bardock (she stops herself from saying his whole name and simply refers to him as a Saiyan she knows) could have taken out the whole group in a single punch, which impresses Goku who hopes to grow up to be that strong unaware she is speaking of his father.

    Due to the danger of the Timespace Rift and secretly wanting to help her son, Gine asks if she can stick around with Goku and the rest of Tekka's Team for a while. Tekka agrees to let her join them. While welcoming her to the team, Goku realizes he doesn't know her name, so she introduces herself. Goku welcomes her to the team, though due to not knowing she is his mother he refers to her as Gine. Deep in thought she thinks of Bardock and tells him that she wants to do something to help her son, though she comments to herself that he would no doubt tell her that she's just being over-sentimental.

    Abilities Edit

    A true account of Gine's abilities was never accurately mentioned. At the very least, she had the power required to fight alongside Bardock as a member of his squad, and was therefore very likely a low-class Saiyan. However, despite the power she may have had, she lacked the resolve to use it — much like her oldest grandson, Gohan, would later display — and this resulted in a lack of a battle sense that caused Bardock to rescue her multiple times in combat.

    Transformations Edit

    Great Ape Edit

    Main article: Great Ape

    As a Saiyan, she naturally possesses the ability to transform into a Great Ape during a full moon or when exposed to some other source of Bruits Waves, such as from a Power Ball.

    Power Edit

    Manga and Anime

    Before she retired from Bardock's team, Gine was a low-class Saiyan warrior. However, unlike her husband and sons, her gentle personality apparently made her unsuited for combat and Bardock routinely had to save her from the dangers of the battle field, indicating either low fighting ability and/or due to her lacking the ruthlessness of her husband and comrades. As a result, Gine retired from the army and went to work as a Saiyan meat distribution employee.

    In Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku, she's have very

    Video Games

    Like most character in Dragon Ball Fusions, Gine can use standard fighting abilities such as Flight and can fire ki blasts like other low-class Saiyans can. In the game, Gine is shown to be capable (and potentially powerful) enough of a fighter to survive inside the Timespace Rift where warriors from various timelines come to compete in the Timespace Tournament, showing she is at least capable of defending herself.

    Techniques and Special Abilities Edit

    • Flight - The ability to fly with the use of ki.
    • Ki Blast - The basic form of ki blasts.
    • Healing Shout - A shout that heals the Gine and any allies around her. One of Gine's default Special Moves in Dragon Ball Fusion.
    • Maiden Blast - An energy attack originally used by Pan. One of Gine's default Special Moves in Dragon Ball Fusions.
    • Super Maiden Blast - A stronger version of Maiden Blast.
    • Ultimate Maiden Blast - The strongest version of Maiden Blast.
    • Maiden Burst - A explosion of ki released from Gine's body as she poses. Originally used by Pan it appears as one of Gine's learnable Special Moves in Dragon Ball Fusions.
    • Super Maiden Burst - A stronger version of Maiden Burst.
    • Ultimate Maiden Burst - The strongest version of Maiden Burst which Gine can learn as a Special Move after reaching Level 69.
    • Guard Boost - A supportive technique where the user transfers some of their ki to an ally to increase the ally's defensive guard power. One of Gine's Special Moves in Dragon Ball Fusions.
    • All Guard Boost - A stronger version of Guard Boost that boosts the guard of Gine and all her allies. One of Gine's Special Moves in Dragon Ball Fusions.
    • Cheer - Support attack damage boost. One of Gine's passive Skills in Dragon Ball Fusions.
    • Support Genius - Fewer Support Special Ki Orbs. One of Gine's passive Skills in Dragon Ball Fusions.
    • Fusion - In Dragon Ball Fusions, Gine can perform different types of fusion.
    • Five-Way Fusion - A Fusion Dance developed by the Ginyu Force which allows five people to fuse to create an Ultra Fusion. Gine can use this technique to fuse with any four members of Tekka's Team.
    • EX-Fusion - By wearing a Metamo-Ring and performing the Fusion Dance, Gine can fuse with Towa to create, Towane. Used in Dragon Ball Fusions.

    Legacy Edit

    Gine, as well as her husband, Bardock, were instrumental in setting up a string of events that would go on to save the Universe. By sending their youngest son, Kakarot (Goku), away to Earth from the impending destruction of Vegeta and the entire Saiyan race by Frieza, he would go on to grow up and become a great hero responsible for saving the planet Earth, as well as the Universe, on more than one occasion.

    Their influence in this manner even resulted in the first Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God manifesting itself in their youngest son for the first time in more than a thousand years to average the Saiyan Race, their deaths and defeat Frieza.

    Fusions Edit

    Tekka (fused w/Gine) Edit

    Main article: Tekka

    Through EX-Fusion, Tekka can fuse with Gine if she is selected as Fusion Target 2. This increases Tekka's power, alters their appearance, and grants access to new Special Moves and Special Skills, however their profile, name, selected race, and gender remains the same. Tekka must have reached Level 25 and costs 20 Red Energy to perform EX-Fusion with Gine.

    Towane Edit

    Main article: Towane

    Through EX-Fusion, Gine can fuse with Towa to create Towane in Dragon Ball Fusions.

    Ultra Fusion Edit

    Main article: Ultra Fusion

    Via performing Five-Way Fusion with any four members of Tekka's Team Gine can fuse with them to form an Ultra Fusion. When initiated by Gine herself, the resulting fusion is a Female Saiyan Ultra Fusion.

    Video Game Appearances Edit

    • Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden
    • Dragon Ball Fusions
    • Super Dragon Ball Heroes

    Gine makes her debut appearance in Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden where she appears as a Z-Assist support character. When summoned Gine will hold out a drumstick of meat which heals whoever touches it first (this is a reference to Gine's occupation as a meat processing employee after retiring from the Saiyan Army)

    She later made her debut as a playable character in Dragon Ball Fusions.

    Gine is also alluded by Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Xenoverse during a dialogue with Supreme Kai of Time wondering if Bardock has a girlfriend because she found him dreamy, Future Trunks reminds her that Bardock has a wife.

    "You wanna know about my wife? Gine was... Tch! I don't have to tell you a damned thing! Why're you even asking?! Get out of my sight!"
    Bardock in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

    In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, as part of the Masters Pack DLC Bardock mentions Gine by name when the 2nd Future Warrior asks about his wife, though Bardock refuses to talk about her presumably either to hide his true feelings for his wife from his student and/or because her memory is a touchy subject for him since she died during the Genocide of the Saiyans.

    Trivia Edit

    • Like other Saiyans, her name is based on that of a vegetable; in this case, the spring onion (葱, negi in Japanese).
    • The character was first introduced in an interview with Akira Toriyama in the March 2014 issue of Saikyō Jump (released in February 2014), and her design was first presented in Dragon Ball Minus, a short story featured in the collected volume of Jaco the Galactic Patrolman and Bardock; The Father of Goku. (April 4, 2014).
    • Ironically enough, with the retcon of Bardock and Gine themselves sending Goku to Earth, it further enhances the similarities between Superman and Goku. Namely being, both were aliens sent in spaceships off world by their parents in wake of their homeworld's imminent destruction, who landed on Earth, were found raised by kindly elderly adopted parents and became the Earth's greatest heroes.
    • Like her oldest grandson, Gohan, she was a shy, caring, pure-hearted, kindhearted, softness and gentle personality not just being a fighter and she's still falling in love with Bardock.
    • Gone holding her infant son, Goku, wrapped in a orange blanket in her arms and send her son in Earth before her death.
    • Gine has the notable distinction for being the first full-blooded female Saiyan to be introduced in the manga canon of the series and anime series and movies. Seripa, an anime-only character, however, bears the distinction of being the first pure-blooded female Saiyan to be introduced in the entirety of the series.
    • The chapter introduces Gine in a slightly different storyline that the one shown in “Bardock: The Father of Goku” and we assume that soon after Frieza destroys the planet killing all the including Gine and Bardock.
    • Before Goku was sent off to Earth to destroy it where as now his parents sent him off to protect him from Frieza’s evil plan and the wrath of Frieza.
    • It is unclear how she would have reacted the events of the Raditz Saga, during which Raditz tried to kill his younger brother and nephew, due to Goku's rejection of his Saiyan heritage and refusal to conquer the planet, though presumably she would have not approved of Raditz's ruthlessness towards his own family given her own gentle nature and love for her family. It is likely that being a loving mother, she be heartbroken to know her boys had battled to the death in such a manner, regardless of the circumstances.
    • Gine just finds out a truth that her oldest son, Raditz betrayed Maria, his family and Vegeta by along with Nappa joining Frieza, Cell and Super Buu's side and other villains remained as villain.

    Voice Actors Edit

    • JapaneseNaoko Watanabe
    • FUNimation dubEmily Neves
    • Brazilian Portuguese dub: Maíra Paris
    • Latin American Spanish dub: Mireya Mendoza

    References Edit

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