This is a Fanon article.

Race 100% Saiyan/Fusion
Gender Male

"Hahahahahahahah! I am the strongest!"
— Gogito to the unnamed evil

Gogito is the Potarra Earring Fusion of Gogeta and Vegito. He is a Fanon character. Gogito was created to combat the Unnamed Ultimate Evil.


Gogito makes three appearances in Dragon Ball AF, Dragon Ball SS and Dragon Ball AW.

Dragon Ball AFEdit

The Ultimate EvilEdit

Gogito (2)

Super Gogito

The Saiyan Fusion was created to combat the Ultimate Unnamed evil that wrecks havoc in the universe. With both Vegito and Gogeta in SSJ forms doing no damage to the monster, the two fusions powered up to SSJ4 levels. The monster stepped up the game to and brutally thrashed around the two fusions. Out of desperation, Elder Kai handed them the Potara Earrings, which they thankully used to fuse the ultimate fusion, Gogito. After playing around with the monster, the Saiyan Fusion easily destroyed the monster by transforming into a Super Saiyan 7.

The Unnamed Ultimate Evil's DownfallEdit
Gogito (3)

Super Saiyan 5 Gogito

When the Saiyan was formed, his opponent merely mocked him saying that no fusion will stop the likes of him. Unluckily for him, it took half of his power to spar evenly with the extremely powerful fusion, shocking him. The monster then powered up to full, shaking and slowly destroying the universe in process. Gogito responded by using a Final Big Bang Kamehameha, taking down the beast once in for all, restoring peace and healing the universe. The warrior then defused by will and then the two fusions defused, until only Goku and Vegeta remained.

Fusion vs. FusionEdit

Gogito (SSJ7)

Gogito as a Super Saiyan 7

Gogeta and Vegito were brought to a alternative universe where a much stronger Broly was running amock, referred to by Inferno Broly who was a fusion between Bio-Broly and the original Broly. Gogeta and Vegito could only go a max of Super Saiyan 3, and they both working together were no match for Inferno Broly. When they fused they called themselves Gogito. They proved to be an equal match for him, when they went Super Saiyan they proved to easily over power him and defeated him.

Dragon Ball r and rEdit

Gogito makes another appearance in the series, Dragon Ball r and r.

Evil SagaEdit

Gogito was created again by Gogeta and Vegito. He was needed to combat the Ultimate Evil again. After the Ultimate Evil's second defeat, he was reborn one last time.