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"I'm so scared of Frieza so much! Because Maria pulled pranks too far on Frieza, Zarbon, Dodoria, Cui, Babidi, Dabura, Pui Pui and the Ginyu Force, mommy! I am too scared and afraid of Frieza!"
— Haylie cries with fears to her mother, Mary in "Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku"

Haylie (ヘイリー, Heirii) is the third child and oldest daughter of James and Mary, the younger sister of Doris, and Maria, older sister of Marcus and Shaun, the sister-in-law of Amelia and Danielle.

She's paternal aunt of ZesmondAlysonNathaniel and Kayla, and grandaunt of MelissaTommyMatthew and Pan. She's great-granddaughter of Katherine, and Michael. She's died along with her parents and sisters are murdered by Frieza in the dimensional world: Spencer World during Spencer Clan Massacre and Genocide of the Saiyans.

Alternate names Haylie Spencer
Princess Haylie
Debut Manga: Chapter 306 (Manga)
Anime: "Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku"
Appears in
Z Ball.svg
Race Human
Gender Female
Date of birth September 17, Age 729
Date of death June 14, Age 737
Height 5'2" (157 cm) "adult"
Weight 103 lbs (47 Kg) "adult"
Address Spencer World (Huge Royal Winter Palace)
Occupation Princess of the Spencer World empire
Allegiance Z Fighters (Supporter)
  • Kaylah (Ancestor)
  • Katherine (Great-great-great-great grandmother)
  • Michael (Great-great-great-great grandfather)
  • Adam (Great-great-great-great-great grandfather)
  • Lisa (Great-great-great-great-great grandmother)
  • Darren (Great-great-great-great grandfather)
  • Laura (Great-great-great-great grandmother)
  • Justin (Great-great-great grandfather)
  • Misty (Great-great-great grandmother)
  • Daniel (Paternal Grandfather)
  • Julia (Paternal Grandmother)
  • David (Paternal Uncle)
  • Jonathan Uchiha (Maternal Grandfather)
  • Kerri Kemono (Maternal Grandmother)
  • James (Father)
  • Mary (Mother)
  • Doris (Older sister)
  • Maria (Older sister)
  • Marcus (Younger brother)
  • Shaun (Younger brother)
  • Amelia (Sister-in-law)
  • Danielle (Sister-in-law)
  • Zesmond (Nephew)
  • Alyson (Niece)
  • Nathaniel (Nephew)
  • Kayla (Niece)
  • Melissa (Grandniece)
  • Tommy (Grandnephew)
  • Pan (Godniece)
  • Matthew (Great-Grandnephew)
  • Goku Jr. (Great Grandnephew)
  • Marie (Great Grandniece)
  • Appearance Edit

    Haylie is a beautiful, young child and young woman of very slim figure build and below average height with a slender frame yet athletic physique. Over the course of the series and movies, she's has the icy blue eyes, fair skin complexion and straight jet black hair. She's has very different hairstyles than her two older sisters have, as a young child, she's has the short shoulder-length straight jet black hair that reaches her shoulders with a small hair clip will keep her her left sweptside bang hanging behind on the left, her hair that reaches her back, large sweptside bang completely cover her left eye, short strands both framing her face and fair skin complexion which she's inherited traits from both her father, older sister and younger brother.

    In the anime series and movies, she looks close alike her mother's strongly resemble appearance of like her older sisters have share the beautiful icy blue eyes and black eyelashes.

    As a teenager, she's share the same hairstyle grew that reaches down her lower back with her older sisters, Doris and Maria as she's have the average height and very slim figure builds, yet slender frame of athletic physique.

    She's grew up as a young adult and adult, her hair grew reach her hips, which she's ties her hair into a high ponytail as more volume on her back with a light blue hairband, leaving her left large sweptside bang covering her left eye with shoulder-length strands frame her face and same hairstyle similar to her mother and older sisters.

    She wear white hooded short-sleeved vest jacket, blue sleeveless loose shirt, black capris, black armbands with silver linings, light-blue socks and blackish-blue boots, which as a young child, she's very much little shorter height than Doris and Maria in their royal family.

    As adult, she's wears the medium-sleeved black and white striped and dark navy tank shirt that went past her waist, black flare bell bottom pants, white diamond earrings and light blue shoes.

    As a princess of the Royal Spencer Family Bloodlines Traits in Spencer World, she's wore the purple flowing dramatic flare kimono hanfu Chinese dress, blue white diamond crystal head forehead tiara crown when she's tie her hair into a bun and black flats.

    Personality Edit

    Haylie is the young child and young woman of the supporting character in the Dragon Ball series as a shy, thoughtful, helpful, serene, kind, sweet, innocent, caring, gentle and very polite young child and young woman of the Dragon Ball Z series, as noted from her always addressing people with proper honours between her family, relatives and friends living on Earth and the entire universe.

    She is also very gentle, loving, sweet, curious, fun-loving spirit free and innocent young little girl, a fair trait that of her younger brother Marcus, older sisters and her father used to consider a flaw, violence and dislikes competing and lacked of passion for spirit fighting like her mother.

    She is shown to be incredibly empathetic, intelligence and believer, because of her upbringing, is one of the very first characters who identifies with her great-grandma, Kaylah's painful childhood by Super Buu and desire to be acknowledged about the loss of her friends and family since Super Buu killed them all since she were born by her parents gave their lives to protect Kaylah as a tiny baby.

    She is very kind and friendly, always thinking of others' more than for herself, and always caring about others feelings, curious and well-being. She doesn't like to be confrontational for any reason; she doesn't even like being confrontational about her dislike of confrontation and beatings from Bojack and Frieza.

    Haylie is a quietly reserved, intelligent, kindhearted, polite and young studious girl, much different from her older sisters, and younger brothers like her older sister and niece, Alyson. Out of James and Mary's five children, she is the calmest and most mature young child at the young age. However, she does like to tease her siblings and friends from time to time, causing her older sister, Maria to perceive her as "mature, talkative and bossy" of becoming a goofy prankster unlike Ashley, Brittany and Tiffany. 

    Although still a young child, Haylie displays a great amount of courage, kind and strong, as she was willing to exchange her soul in favor of the world's well-being when she was being used as leverage to coerce Kayla into opening the Door Projection as Mystic Seal by entering the Spencer World, as well as prolong the separation of her soul and body in order to aid the world by finding their ancestor, Kaylah to find a way to defeat Super Buu from her past as a true hero like Goku.

    It is for this reason that Haylie so often comes off as meek or timid child to others, as her overwhelming kindness can render her unable to respond or act for fear of offending somebody. That she's fear and afraid of Frieza, Zarbon, Dodoria, Appule, Dabura, Babidi, Pui Pui, Cooler and the Ginyu Force, because Maria was pulling pranks and booby-traps on them with her friends taking too far, and learning mistakes like Ashley, Brittany and Tiffany did in their childhood and youth; she's still forgive her, Bardock and his friends from their mistakes.

    Haylie is aware of King Piccolo's evil personality, Frieza's true nature of his final form, Cell in his perfect form and Super Buu in her ancestor's diary along with her older sisters by learning the truth from her parents.

    Haylie thinks Bardock and his friends weren't bad people to kill innocent people because of Frieza, but she's thinking of them as powerful elites turning the Super Saiyans include Bardock becomes the Legendary Super Saiyan as the strongest of all before his son Goku born a hero before her death along with her parents, siblings and people of Frieza, Zarbon, Dodoria, Cui, Applue, Dabura, Babidi, Pui Pui, Cooler and the Ginyu Force in Spencer World and destruction of Planet Vegeta.

    Biography  Edit

    Background Edit

    Haylie was born in September 17 of Age 729, she was the third child and youngest daughter of James and Mary, as younger sister of Doris and Maria, and older sister of Marcus and Shaun. She was happy to be a big sister to her two younger brothers (Marcus and Shaun) in Spencer World as the imperial royal family.

    Dragon BallEdit

    Fortuneteller Baba SagaEdit

    Main article: Fortuneteller Baba Saga

    As a young adult,

    Piccolo Jr. SagaEdit

    Main article: Piccolo Jr. Saga

    In three years later after King Piccolo's death,

    In one year later after Goku fighting Piccolo at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament,

    Dragon Ball ZEdit

    Vegeta SagaEdit

    Main article: Vegeta Saga

    She's mentioned by Marcus

    Frieza SagaEdit

    Main article: Frieza Saga

    In the anime episode, Haylie's appearance

    Film Appearances  Edit

    Bardock - The Father of Goku Edit

    Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku

    Haylie sit along with her father, mother, older sisters, and friends, to watch her younger brother of five children, Marcus, who won the Junior Division as Martial Artist in Spencer World Martial Arts Tournament to defeat Cui in the first round with cheers of the audiences. She's apologized to her family for getting trouble by using pulling pranks too far and it's wasn't good idea that she's made mistakes like Kaylah did in her childhood. She's has been insulated by Jeice and Butler, the members of the Ginyu Force, who's have been picked on her in front of her older sisters about her poor mother.

    Later in June 14, Age 737 in the night, she's ended up murdered and execution along with her father and sisters and their people by Frieza, Zarbon, Dodoria, Cui, and the Ginyu Force to get her younger brothers escaped to Earth with their uncle, David.

    Power Edit

    Main article: List of Power Levels Manga and Anime

    Haylie Spencer was the third oldest daughter of James and Mary are the powerful and pure strongest fighter with the pure heart, shy, kind and gentle personality after her older sisters in the universe.


    In Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku She's no match for

    In Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan In the movie,

    Video Games


    Techniques and Special Abilities Edit

    • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.
    • Ki Blast – The most basic form of Ki energy wave. Used in Dragon Ball Heroes.
    • Mystic Martial Arts - The ability to utilize mystical combat in multiple forms of martial arts.
    • Afterimage Technique - A movement technique where the user moves so fast they leave behind an afterimage of themself.
    • Invisibility - The power to render oneself unseen to the naked eye.
    • Intangibility - The ability to pass through physical matter.
    • Explosive Wave – A technique on which the user bursts out "ki" from all over its body in order to repel opponents around it.
    • Energy Shot - A chargeable Ki Blast Super Skill used by Haylie.
    • Consecutive Energy Blast - An Energy Barrage technique used by Haylie.


    Unlock PotentialEdit

    Main article: Unlock Potential

    Super SaiyanEdit

    Main article: Super Saiyan

    Voice Actors Edit

    Video Game Appearances Edit

    Haylie is first appears on the video games appearances include:

    • Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury
    • Dragon Ball Heroes (playable)
    • Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast
    • Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 2
    • Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi


    Major BattlesEdit

    • Haylie, Doris, Maria, Steve, Jonny, Karen, James and Mary vs. Frieza, Zarbon, Dodoria, Cui, Frieza's soldiers and the Ginyu Force.

    Trivia Edit

    • Her death is chronologically the first known death of a named character in the series and movie as being third oldest daughter of her parents have kind, pure heart, shy, and gentle personality unfortunately she died with her parents, and siblings during the Spencer Clan Massacre.
    • Haylie's name means (ヒラリー or Hirarii) is in American the meaning of the name Haylie is: Field of hay. Usually a surname.
    • She's the youngest fighter have participate to move and dodge all of attacks.
    • She can sing so beautifully voice with birds like her mother did.
    • Her favorite hobbies is planting red roses, coloring and playing music with her guitar.
    • Her favorite food is crimson rolls and chicken taco salad.
    • Her favorite vehicle is air skateboard.
    • She's the short height than her older sisters of the Dragon Ball series and movies.
    • Her hairstyle was shoulder-length with two strands at the young age similar to Gohan's daughter, Pan.
    • She's have shared the hairstyles with her older sisters and mother.
    • Unlike her older sisters, she's not really just a fighter, but she's caring and gentle young child to have a relationship with them.
    • Haylie learning the truth about her ancestor's past from the beginning.
    • Haylie didn't like Frieza, Bojack and Super Buu along with her relatives, family and friends.
    • She's already first appears on the T.V. special movie Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku, Revenge of Cooler and Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan.

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