Hell (地獄, Jigoku), or HFIL (Home For Infinite Losers) in the edited version, is a place in Other World where evil


characters (and sometimes, in the case of Piccolo, Goku, and Pikkon, protagonists) go after they die. Hell is never actually shown in the manga; however it is shown several times throughout the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT anime series. Hell is also featured in the movie Fusion Reborn.


The Hell of the Dragon Ball universe is apparently a mountainous area located beneath the Snake Way. Its most distinguishing feature of those shown is the "Bloody Pond" in Area 1, Sector 3, which, true to its name, is apparently composed of blood; this lake would later be semi-frozen by Janemba and used to encase Goku in Fusion Reborn. Often the dead members of the Ginyu Force (and on one occasion, Cell) were knocked into the Bloody Pond. There is also a "Needle Mountain", a spiky mountain, shown in Fusion Reborn, and in a couple of episodes of Dragon Ball Z. Unlike most portrayals of Hell, the Dragon Ball universe's Hell is not depicted as torturing its inhabitants (indeed, there is even an amusement park as seen in the episode "Goz and Mez"), although villains will be beat up by Pikkon (Grand Kai's prized fighter, and one of the most powerful dead fighters on Grand Kai's planet) and locked in a prison cell for a while if they cause trouble. The exception is in Dragon Ball GT, when Frieza and Cell send Goku to an area below Hell, in which an old woman tortures and freezes Goku (to which he escapes because he isn't dead).