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Kashi FighterZ 3
Race Human-type Earthling (Android)
Gender Female
Date of death Age 774

Age 778

Occupation Former Ranger


Family Android 17 (Husband)

Android 18 (sister in law)

Krillin (Brother in law)

Marron (Niece) Amethyst (Adopted Daughter) Topaz (Adopted son) Geode (Son)

"I have literally experienced hitting the ground after falling from terminal velocity. Give me your best"
— Kashi to Android 17 after​​​​​​​ he admits to holding back 80% during their training.

Android 17's wife and kids

17 showing Goku his family

Kashi (菓子 Ka-shi), also known as Android 7 ('Jinzōningen Nana "Artifical human No.7)' for a period of time, is the unseen wife of Android 17 and was one of the first androids to be created by Dr. Flappe in the Red Ribbon Army.


Android 17's wife

Kashi's reference sheet

Kashi is a black woman. She has dark brown, shoulder length hair which she sometimes likes to style in twin corn rows. She has an average height of 5'5 and a curvy figure. Her eyes are a striking shade of purple, covering up her naturally blue iris'. She wears a pair of silver hoop earrings along with lipstick matching her complexion.

Android 17's wife

Kashi in her RR clothes

While operating in the Red ribbon army, Kashi wore a black sleeveless dress with a beige and purple jacket with the army's logo on the left sleeve. She also wore beige, thigh high socks with black and purple boots and gloves.

During her time as a ranger, her outfit consisted of a purple pinafore dress, with a Monster Island Ranger shirt topped with a green waist coat. On her legs she wore white, thigh high socks with the left one always being pulled down as a fashion statement. To aid her with working as a ranger she wore sturdy purple boots and dark grey gloves.

Post retirement, Kashi began wearing a mixture of traditional clothing but also wore clothes following the latest fashion.


Compassionate, optimistic and resilient, Kashi is a woman who tries to resolve conflicts in a way that minimalizes harm both physically and mentally. Although she is not opposed to fighting, she views civil discourse as the best way of fixing issues. She has proven herself to be a very persuasive individual and has a propensity to form bonds with people and acquire strong companions. She can easily acclimate herself around people, always being genuine and respecting others.

Upon being turned into an android, she wasn't perturbed as her memories had been completely wiped, although, she did show signs of depression after being told by Dr. Flappe that she was formerly a human who had a loving family. Her transformation into an artificial human had no significant impact on her personality or emotions.

While being employed in the Red Ribbon Army, Kashi was mistreated daily, however, her mental fortitude never suffered as she only focused on the positive aspects of working for them, namely her friends, Eighter and Dr. Flappe.

Kashi's strongest personality trait is her ability to compromise and see things from other people's perspective. While building up a relationship with Android 17, she quickly came to understand why he resented humans however managed to convince him that not all of them were as bad he perceived them to be. After revealing she was an android, Android 17 would only refer to her as Android 7 as he believed she should no longer tie herself to her human past. She was quick to shut him down by only referring to him by his human name, Lapis, turning the table on him by saying he shouldn't let the designation Dr.Gero gave him be his identity. The two came to a compromise and promised to only refer to each other by their preferred names.

Unfortunately, Kashi has a major issue with her patience. When a solution is absolute and clear, she begins to grow annoyed when her opponent or foe refuses to concede. Kashi is somewhat hypocritical as she describes herself as being non-confrontational but has a tendency to challenge opponents when they choose to ignore a viable solution. During the Mercenaries Attack on Monster Island, she became extremely aggravated when the Mercenaries wouldn't leave the island because of their need to fulfil their arbitrary mission. The protection of an individual or training purposes are the only two reasons why Kashi will go all out in a fight. If she feels her own life is in danger, she will do whatever she can to preserve her well being; fighting for the sake of winning an argument is a sentiment she doesn't agree with.

Android 17's wife

Kashi trying to catch 17 off guard

Kashi scarf

Kashi gushing over 17's ascot

Being a self proclaimed romantic, Kashi was the first to develop feelings for Android 17 on their second month of working together on the island. She is a very affectionate person, greatly enjoying physical forms of affection more than the average person. On multiple occasions, she accidentally crosses the line of intruding in other's personal space which she always apologizes for. Although she loves being touchy-feely, she respects others and only shows affection if the other person reciprocates and is comfortable.

Kashi took her work as a ranger and zoologist seriously however does have a juvenile and playful side; she only slacks off when all of her responsibilities are taken care of. As shown by the way how her and Android 17 "relax" she is okay with harsh jokes and rough rousing. Sparring isn't one of her main hobbies but she enjoys it none the less. After suffering a broken nose resulting from Android 17 punching her too hard during a training session, it is evident that Kashi doesn't get mad over genuine accidents as she replied to his plethora of apologies with laughter.

After becoming a full time house wife, Kashi's reckless, juvenile behavior was replaced with a more mellow and relaxed sense of humor. She will gladly join in on banter, entertaining her family with witty comebacks and harsh jokes of her own.


After being turned into an android, Kashi's speed, strength and stamina were boosted exponentially. The Red Ribbon Army had very little experience with building human based androids at the time so she was unable to use energy or fly.

Kashi's most effective way of attacking is Kicking. Her kicks are devastating to opponents as she is strong enough to kick through metal and launch enemies into the sky. Her close quarter combat skills don't extend to her arms, she only ever uses her hands to block attacks or flip herself up right when fighting. She can punch extremely hard as a result of her enhanced strength but prefers to use her legs.

With the help of her muscle memory from being a gymnast, Kashi is extremely flexible, allowing her to dodge attacks effortlessly as well as contort her body in almost painful looking positions.

Later on in their friendship, Android 17 taught her how to use energy and fly. She never learned how to use energy well enough to use it in a fight.




Amaitochi on the world map

Kashi's family originated on a remote island named Amaitochi (甘いトチ Ah-mai-toh-chi), located to the south west of Baba's palace. The natives of this island are very unique as they have dark skin that contrasts against their blue eyes. Due to the mythical nature of this island, it has been kept a secret by its natives.

In the center of the large mass of a land is a ginormous, blue crystal which emits a powerful, calming energy over the land. This energy was responsible for the luscious and beautiful flora which they would harvest and farm to eat. Kashi's father was an expert in turning the mythically augmented flora into medicines which could cure all manner of things. On her 5th birthday, Amaitochi received it's first ever tourist, a rich business man who liked to explore the world. His plane had made an emergency landing after he began suffering from a mysterious illness. Hastily, the man was taken to Kashi's father who was able to quickly cure him of his ailment. As it turned out, the man was the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. As thanks he offered Kashi's father a place at his company as head chemist. Within a week, her family had said their goodbyes and moved to a different city.

Dragon Ball

Red Ribbon Army Saga

By the age of 17, Kashi was an average student who was well known for her talent in gymnastics and athletics. During this time, the Red Ribbon Army had begun it's creation of androids. So far, they had only made fully artificial androids and wanted to try making an android from human based materials. As Kashi had a strong body due to being extremely athletic and wasn't a substantial public figure, the army set their sights on her. An inconspicuous letter saying she was being recruited for an international track team was sent to her home. Thinking it was legit, Kashi went to the address where she was promptly kidnapped by the Red Ribbon Army. Upon being taken away, her memory was wiped and she was non-consensually experimented on, resulting in her being turned into an android.

Android 17's wife

Kashi as an android

Kashi awoke on a metal bed with no knowledge about herself other than her name. Dr. Flappe, who had been forced to turn her into an android by the army was apologetic but confessed that he honestly believed she was a work of art. Confused and in need of comfort, she gravitated towards him as a friend. Unfortunately, Kashi wasn't nearly as strong as the army had hoped and further plans of turning humans into androids was postponed until their technology improved. She underwent rigorous testing so that they could see where and how they could improve on their next human based designs. With the previous 6 androids having been terminated, Kashi was the first android to be taken aboard in the Red Ribbon Army.

Android 17's wife

Kashi chatting with Eighter

At first, she was given menial tasks to do, namely being a maid for the higher ups such as Colonel Silver, General Blue,Colonel Violet etc. General Blue was especially mean to her, treating her like a child and teasing her for being a failed android. Soon after, Android 8 was Created and the two bonded as neither of them were evil at heart.

Dr. Flappe soon approached her with the offer that he can increase her strength exponentially through the implementation of a "defense protocol". He explained that he could unlock powerful potential in her that could be controlled with the use of a trigger word. Kashi agreed to have this protocol installed. From now on, when the word Harmonize met her ears, all of Kashi's systems would focus on destruction. The implementation was a success however, the protocol was much too violent and it would leave a blank space in her memory. Kashi would become a destructive force of nature that could only be stopped by her trigger word being said again. Before Dr. Flappe could undo this, General Blue found out about her unlocked potential and forced Kashi to under go more rigorous testing. Some of these tests included being shot at from point blank range and being dropped from an airplane without a parachute. Thanks to her trigger word, Kashi was now taken aboard more dangerous missions.

Android 17's wife

Kashi with her defense protocol initiated

She was never aware of all the people she was forced to kill as her memory would always be hazy and borderline missing after her "defense protocol" was used. On one particularly violent mission, Kashi's trigger word was used to kill an enemy of the army. Her method of neutralizing the enemy was far more psychotic this time, completely decapitating the man. After being taken back to the base, Kashi's memory of the event came back to her, resulting in her having a mental break down. She came to the conclusion that she had to escape.

Shortly after she had made this decision to escape, Goku made his appearance to attack the Red Ribbon Army headquarters. While everybody was distracted with trying to defeat the young Saiyan boy, Kashi made an escape without telling Eighter or Dr. Flappe who assumed she had been killed during all the destruction. Kashi was recorded as being Terminated.

Dragon Ball Z

Saiyan Saga

After escaping the Red Ribbon Army, Kashi became a wondering vagabond for a few years. Even though she was an android, Kashi wasn't nearly as advanced and Android 17 or Android 18. Kashi didn't have infinite energy and would need to sleep once every 3 or 4 days; she also had to consume food once every few days and had to hydrate regularly.

During the events of the Saiyan Saga, Kashi would travel around and volunteer in many different cities. She eventually became close friends with a woman named Mango who let Kashi move in with her. Having had enough of hopping from job to job, Kashi decided to enroll in college and get a degree in zoology. Looking into her blue eyes would remind Kashi of her time in the Red Ribbon Army so she opted to cover them up with purple contacts. As she was an android, her eyes never felt irritated and she could leave them in permanently.

Cell Saga

During this time, Kashi was still actively studying in college to become a zoologist. After watching Cell's broadcast about his tournament, her and mango staid at home, calling their friends and loved ones to make sure they were okay. After Cell's defeat, Kashi's life returned to normalcy and she finished her college studies, becoming a certified zoologist.

Kashi was first hired as an environmental consultant before being employed by Royal Nature Park to monitor the endangered species on Monster Island. Kashi worked there by herself for a few weeks before being told she would be having another employee join her soon. Everything was fine up until the island was targeted by a wave of poachers. Kashi was able to take a substantial amount down herself but not all. To her surprise, a man with black hair wearing a company issued MIR shirt stepped in to finish the job.

She introduced herself to the stranger who rudely brushed her off. Kashi was mildly annoyed at this but decided not to push it. The two were given radios to keep in touch while they patrolled on their own sides of the island. Everyday, she would send him a goodmorning and goodnight message, making sure not to annoy him. One fateful day, she made a playful quip about "a family of ducks trespassing on a private lake without a permit" to which Android 17 told her to stop looking at them and do her job. She reminded him that he was supposed to end his messages with over.

"You're annoying. Over"
— Android 17 playing along with Kashi

Android 17's

Kashi and 17 working together

Slowly but surely, their professional relationship evolved into a friend ship. The two spent the first weeks together on their own parts of the island. Eventually, they began crossing over to see each other momentarily though Android 17 would always argue that he just wanted a change of scenery.

Expectedly, another wave of poachers attempted to steal animals from the island to which the rangers responded quickly. This was the first time Android 17 saw Kashi fight, making him extremely confused and curious. Once the poachers had been dealt with, he asked her why she was so strong. Kashi surprised him by revealing that she was an android, being surprised herself when Android 17 also admitted the same. The two instantly felt a connection as he wasn't fond of humans and Kashi had never met someone like her. Rather disrespectfully, 17 began referring to Kashi as Android 7 as he believed that was now her true identity as she was no longer fully human. Kashi was hurt by this and in retaliation began referring to him as Lapis which he had revealed was his human name. Realizing how unsavory it was to be called his previous name, he apologized and the two promised to only address each other with the names they preferred.

Seeing how much stronger Android 17 was compared to her, Kashi asked him to train her to which he flat out refused at first as he didn't feel like it and because he thought she wouldn't be able to handle him. To convince him, Kashi kicked him so hard that he crashed through a plateau. She apologized profusely while he laughed. He got her back many more times after. Android 17 would also introduce Kashi to the Cell juniors whom she found to be adorable.

Whilst discussing a topic surrounding music, Android 17 accidentally said Kashi's trigger word, sending her into a destructive frenzy. She managed to damage him but he was able to revert her back to normal before things went too sour. Kashi felt extremely guilty, apologizing for hurting him. Instead of being mad, 17 was even more entranced by her.

Android 17's wife

Kashi and 17's first kiss

After 2 months, their connection had grown to the point where Kashi had developed a crush on Android 17 whom she wa​​​​​​​sn't sure felt the same way. She would keep her feelings a secret but wasn't particularly good at it as she is easy to fluster. By this time, Android 17 had also developed feelings for Kashi but would never act on them due to denial and not fully understanding what it meant.

After a heartfelt conversation under the moonlight, the two finally confessed their feelings for one another and quickly became a couple.

Mercenaries Attack

3 years into their relationship, Kashi was patrolling when she was apprehended by a dangerous looking figure. He revealed himself to be a mercenary hired by the poachers to take out the pesky rangers who were protecting the island. Kashi tried to convince him to just rob the poachers if money was what he was after but he wasn't interested.

Android 17's wife

Kashi injured after fighting the mercenary

Android 17 was unable to come to her aid at the time as he was dealing with another mercenary who was able to defeat with some difficulty.

Kashi fought with the mercenary but wasn't strong enough to beat him. Her persistence to protect the island lead to her being brutally beaten. Just as she was about to be stabbed, Android 17 shielded her, getting stabbed in the process. Seeing her bruised and bloody awakened something in him, unleashing power he never knew he had. Despite holding back, Android 17 accidentally ended up killing him out of pure rage. Luckily, Kashi was able to calm him down with a kiss.

After seeing her injured so badly and feeling guilty for not being able to protect her, 17 asked Kashi to be his and stay by his side so he could protect her. In other words, he proposed and Kashi whole heartedly accepted.

Kashi soon brought up the idea of starting a family. 17 was against this at first but eventually got on board after some serious thought.

Buu Saga

During Buu's human extinction attack, Kashi and her family were killed but were soon brought back with the Dragon balls.

Dragon Ball Super

Android 17's wife

Topaz, Amethyst and Geode

Kashi is a part time zoologist who frequently goes on expeditions to different wild life sanctuaries. She has her best friend babysit her adopted children Amethyst and Topaz as well as their biological son, Geode.

Resurrection F

They were killed after Frieza blew up the planet but were brought back by Whis reversing time.


  • Her name is a pun on the word Okashi (お菓子) meaning sweets.
  • Both twins, Android 18 and Android 17 are often stared at because of their choice of partners.
  • Android 17 killed Kashi in the Future Trunks timeline.
  • Originally, they were unsure if they could conceive a child.
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