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Anime name Kelly
Manga name Kelly
Alternate names Kelianne Spencer
Debut Anime: "Day 1"
Appears in
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DBGT Logo.svg
Race Pokemon-Cat Earthling
Gender Female
Date of birth Age 760
Height 104" (0.4 cm)
Weight 882 lbs. (40 Kg)
Address Spencer World (Formerly)
Spencer House (Formerly)
Jimmy's House
Allegiance Z Fighters (Supporter)
  • Kayla (Owner and best friend)
  • Melissa (Owner)
  • Tommy (Owner)
  • Marie (Owner)
  • "Kelly is the last descendant of the legendary Pokemon, Mew from the Pokemon World and she's my best pet in the whole world."
    — Kayla about Kelly in "Androids Appears"

    Kelly (ケリー,  ke ri i) is the house Pokemon cat of the Spencer Family and the pet friend of Kayla Spencer, Melissa and Marie.

    Appearance Edit

    Kelly is a small, cat-like Pokémon with small, pointed ears, blue eyes, a long, thin tail with a large bulge at the end, and large feet with three toes.

    It is covered with a layer of fine, white hair, only visible with the aid of a microscope. It has extremely short arms with three fingers on each paw, and has small, orange paw pads on the undersides of its feet.

    Personality Edit

    Kelly is a character who always wants to play, fun-loving, playful, bubbly, happy, energetic and positive personality. It becomes upset if another Pokémon is upset. It and the Tree of Beginning need each other to be able to live.

    Biography Edit

    Background Edit

    Kelly is born on Age 760.

    Dragon Ball Z Edit

    Saiyan Saga Edit

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    Five years later after Goku fighting Piccolo Jr at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament in Piccolo Jr. Saga,

    Frieza Saga Edit

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    As a small infant with her mother,

    Garlic Jr. Saga Edit

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    Cell Saga Edit

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    Majin Buu Saga Edit

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    Perfect World Saga Edit

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    Dragon Ball GT Edit

    Black Star Dragon Ball Saga Edit

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    Baby Saga Edit

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    Super 17 Saga Edit

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    Shadow Dragon Saga Edit

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    Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy Edit

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    Film Appearances Edit

    Power Edit

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    Manga and Anime

    Kelly is



    Video games


    Techniques and Special Abilities Edit

    • Flight -
    • Ki Sense -
    • Ki Blast -
    • Invisible Eye Blast –
    • Immortality -
    • Invisibility -
    • Intangibility -
    • Afterimage Techniques -
    • Afterimage Strike -
    • Psychic Powers -
    • Psonic Manipulation -
    • Astral Manipulation -
    • Astral Projection -
    • Astral Attacks -
    • Personal Bubble -
    • Swimming Underwater -

    Video Games Appearances Edit

    Kelly is the supportive players in the video games appearances include:

    Battles Edit

    Major Battles Edit

    Trivia Edit

    • Kelly's name means Japanese name (ケリー or Ke ri i) is in Gaelic the meaning of the name Kelly is: warrior.
    • In American the meaning of the name Kelly is: warrior.
    • In Irish the meaning of the name Kelly is: War. Lively. Aggressive. An Irish surname that has only been used as a first name (either gender) in the latter half of the 20th century.
    • In Scottish the meaning of the name Kelly is: Wood. Surname and place name that has only been used as a first name (either gender) in the latter half of the 20th century.
    • It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Kelly is "strife, war". Transferred use of the surname. Originally an anglicized form of the ancient Irish Gaelic name Ceallach, possibly meaning "strife", "bright-headed", or "church, monastery".
    • Kelly is the last member from Pokemon World and born with Immortality.
    • Kelly looks alike Mew is based on a cat. It also looks similar to a vertebrate embryo.
    • It is said that Mew's DNA possesses the genetic composition of every existing Pokémon species, thus allowing it to use all known Pokémon moves (and Pokémon's Exclusive Z-Moves, excluding Ultra Necrozma's Z-Move). Its possession of every Pokémon's DNA also allows it to de-evolve Pokémon, as show in the TCG through its moves Devolution Beam and Devo Crush.
    • Kelly's ancestor is Mew was the very first Pokémon trademark ever to be applied for and registered, which is the reason why it was made "the ancestor of all Pokémon."
    • Kelly was the first event Pokémon introduced in the Dragon Ball series.

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