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Rampage is one of the many guardians of the universe. Even though he is the guardian of evil he still protects the universe from threats. He is not very smart but is very tricky and able to defeat almost every enemy.


When the Elder Guardians created him and his allies, he was instantly chosen for his tricky ways to be the Guardian of Evil. But when one of his allies turned on them he had no chose but to go against him, but proved to be no match. Only when using his power along with his teammates, who he had felt become more like family, did they over come the traitor, but he was not defeated.


  • Transformation- He can reshape his body into any form, although, he mostly choses to go with his main form because it's the easiest one to use.
  • Ki Blast Manipulation- He can imitate any ki-based attack, even the Kaio-ken.
  • Body Manipulation- He can stretch out his body out as far as he needs.