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Shawn Spencer
Uchiha Sasuke Part III-1
Anime name Shawn
Manga name Shawn
Alternate names Shawn Spencer
Samurai Shawn
Emperor Shawn
Lord Fourth
Children of the Prophecy
Spencer boy
Ultimate Fighter
Samurai Jack's little travel sidekick
Grandpa Shawn
Debut Movie: "Dragon Ball Z: The Revenge of Super Buu" 1999
Anime: "Majin Buu Transforms" (Mentioned English dub only and flashbacks)
Appears in
4 Star Dragon Ball Edit
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Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth October 31, Age 220
Date of death November 29, Age 257
Height 5'11" (165 cm) "adult"
Weight 131 lbs (69 kg) "adult"
Address Samurai Jack World (Formerly)
Hidden Leaf Village (Formerly)
Spencer House (Formerly)
Spencer World (Huge Royal Winter Palace)
Occupation Fourth Emperor
Martial Artist
Martial Arts teacher
Allegiance Z Fighters (American Team) (Leader; Age 236 - Age 257)
  • Emperor Matthew (Grandfather)
  • Empress Kaylah (Grandmother)
  • James Spencer (Father)
  • Rita Spencer (Mother)
  • Samurai Jack (Mentor and Surrogate Father)
  • Kibito (Mentor)
  • Supreme Kai (Mentor)
  • Patrick (Best friend)
  • Gabriel Uzumkai (Father-in-law)
  • Anya Uchiha (Mother-in-law)
  • Denise Uzumkai (Wife)
  • Zesmond Spencer (Son)
  • Brianna (Daughter)
  • Ashley (Daughter)
  • Brittany (Daughter)
  • Tiffany (Daughter)
  • Kaylah (Daughter)
  • Jimmy Hawkins (Son-in-law)
  • Katherine (Granddaughter)
  • Adam (Great-Grandson)
  • Lisa (Great-Granddaughter-in-law)
  • Darren (Great-great grandson)
  • Laura (Great-great granddaughter-in-law)
  • Justin (Great-great-great grandson)
  • Misty (Great-great-great granddaughter-in-law)
  • Daniel (Great-great-great-great grandson)
  • Julia (Great-great-great-great granddaughter-in-law)
  • David (Great-great-great-great-great grandson)
  • James (Great-great-great-great-great grandson)
  • Mary (Great-great-great-great-great granddaughter-in-law)
  • Doris (Descendant)
  • Maria (Descendant)
  • Haylie (Descendant)
  • Marcus (Descendant)
  • Shaun (Descendant)
  • Zesmond (Descendant)
  • Alyson (Descendant)
  • Nathaniel (Descendant)
  • Kayla (Descendant)
  • Melissa (Descendant)
  • Tommy (Descendant)
  • Michelle (Descendant)
  • Pan (Descendant)
  • Matthew (Descendant)
  • Goku Jr. (Descendant)
  • Marie (Descendant)
  • "Remember who you are. You are my last youngest daughter and try be a true ultimate fighter to restore the honor peace of the Spencer World, Earth, the entire universe and living in a happy life on Earth. You can do this, Kaylah."
    — Shawn to his youngest daughter, Kaylah with his courageously believe in his daughter to defeat Mega Buu and restore the honor peace of the Spencer World in "Dragon Ball Z: The Revenge of Super Buu"

    Shawn Spencer (ショーン, Shoon) is the the Saiyan, Fourth Emperor, the supreme ruler and true hero of the Spencer World and Dragon World, he's the son of James Spencer and Rita Spencer, the husband of Denise Uzumaki, and the beloved father to six children: Zesmond, Brianna, Ashley, Brittany, Tiffany and Kaylah. He's the father-in-law of Jimmy Hawkins and grandfather of his only granddaughter, Katherine. He's the first leader of the American Team like Z Fighters as the Earth's Special Forces to protect Earth and the entire Universe from the evil forces and destruction. He was famous in life for his speed, leading to the moniker of the True meaning Will of Density or Children of the Prophecy (予言の子達, Yogen no Ko-tachi) of the dimensional realms Spencer World empire.

    He died along with his family and people during the Spencer Clan Massacre by Wizard Babidi, Pui Pui, Yakon, Dabura and Super Buu, sacrificing his life to seal a part of the Eternal Dragons: Shenron and Porunga and the Earth and Namekian Dragon Balls with glowing Dragon Balls Birthmarks and Immortality into his youngest newborn daughter, Kaylah Spencer.

    Appearance Edit

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    Shawn's appearance as a teenager

    Shawn is a tall, fair young man of above-height, leaner and well-muscular physique as a pure-hearted Saiyan and legendary hero of his home world and Dragon World, he's had blue eyes, fair skin complexion and spiky jet black hair appears as the main character in anime Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z series and movies, similar his looks by having bears a strong striking resemblance to his descendant, Shaun.

    Over the course of the series and movies, according to Samurai Jack, Shin and Kibito, Shawn bore a striking resemblance to his biographical father, having James Spencer' blue eyes, fair skin complexion and spiky jet black hair. However, he's also has kind demeanor, the shape of softer eyes and kind face which he's inherited traits from his biographical mother, Rita.

    Sasuke child

    Shawn Spencer as a child appears on Dragon Ball Z series and movies

    Shawn have shared the same spitting images of his appearances with his youngest daughter's descendants; including James, Shaun and Zesmond, because he's a little bit taller than his classmates and friends are thinking of his physical appearance: "Look like Sasuke Uchiha looks from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series, as he's grow muscular and handsome like Goku and he's looks a lot like his father" when he's only mentioned and described of his appearance by King Cold, Frieza, Cooler, Zarbon, Dodoria, Captain Ginyu and the Ginyu Force members, Bojack, Cell, Wizard Babidi, Pui Pui, Dabura and Super Buu to his reincarnation Saiyan descendant, Shaun Spencer in Piccolo Jr Saga and Fusion Saga in Spencer World's 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament of the Spencer World before the Dragon Ball Z series begins.

    In Dragon Ball series, Shawn's hair has hung over his face as bangs since he was a young child, in Dragon Ball Z series, which as he gets older he allows to grow longer and, in turn, cover more of his face; by adulthood, his hair completely covers the left side of his face and grow muscularly at the young age, growth height and reach his adulthood. He is considered handsome by most girls near his age include his childhood sweetheart, Denise Uzumkai.

    Sasuke blushing

    Shawn Spencer as a preteen in Dragon Ball series and movies

    Shawn's typical clothing has changed a number of times throughout his life, but the Spencer Clan's (斯賓塞) crest symbol is usually present somewhere on his clothing as the royal bloodline traits of his family and homeworld, such as the back or his shirt or hooded long-sleeved cloak jacket.

    For most of Samurai Jack series early and Dragon Ball series in his childhood, he wears a navy blue shirt, short-sleeved white undershirt with white sweatpants, white arm warmers, a hooded long-sleeved cloak jacket and black boots and purple linings as with Saiyan heritage tail and magical broadsword which he's got his magical blade broadsword similar power from his mentor and surrogate father, Samurai Jack.

    His memorable significant growth height is grew much taller than his friends, allies and teammates as become their leader from his childhood at the age of 6 as he's rather short for the young age through into his preteen and teen years between the age of 12 and 18. Shawn had grown nearby similar to his father's height at the age 15 or 16 and among grew tallest of his generation at the age 18. At the age 24, his clothes gets torn and shreds in his battle with them in 23rd Martial Arts Tournament in Spencer World, and they're replaced the new orange undershirt with Turtle school crest on his front left chest, dark navy blue undershirt, black sweatpants, black fingerless gloves and black boots with purple linings.

    As a teenager at the age 18, he's grew into a above taller than Denise, he usually wears the sleeveless dark grey shirt, blue undershirt, dark black sweatpants, dark blue wristbands with white linings, a long-sleeved white cloak with hooded and Spencer Crest like Turtle School crest symbol on his back that reach down his angles, magical broadsword and black boots with tan white linings attire in his entire life. His tail has been removed by Kibito and Supreme Kai from turning the Great Ape form by looking at the full moon like Goku and Shaun did.

    Sasuke wandering shinobi by masonengine-d9xfqh2

    Shawn Spencer as a adult

    At his adulthood at the age 37, as Fourth Emperor of the Spencer World empire and fatherhood to his family, Shawn wear a white hooded, long-sleeved cloak that reaches down to his ankles, and an grey, long-sleeved, collared shirt, over which he wears a periwinkle vest with purple linings.

    He also wears black pants, a purple belt, black boots with blue lace linings and dark grey fingerless gloves as the main outfit attire in the rest of the Dragon Ball Z anime series and movies as the black gloves same similar like his son and daughters wore them. His growth height is growing over tallest than of his wife and children.

    Shawn's hair going to spiky bangs are similar to Goku's, James's and Shaun's in his Super Saiyan, Full-Power Super Saiyan Form, Super Saiyan 2 and Potential Unleashed with his torn clothes during the battlefields to his fight with Frieza, Cell and Super Buu till the end before his death and losing his immortality by extracting his immortality of his body and transferred to his youngest daughter as a smaller premature baby.

    Personality Edit

    Shawn was a very friendly, kindhearted, bravery, strong-willed, pure-hearted, compassionate, good-mannered, patient, intelligent and knowledgeable main character of the Dragon Ball Z series and movies before his death. Shawn having the similar personalities with Goku; they both are the strongest fighters, loves to challenge in the battlefields to fight future villains and both are striking resemblance to their fathers.

    At young age, he's very respectful, kindhearted, peaceful, cheerful, energetic, sensitive and native child to his mentor, Samurai Jack because he's kind like a father to him, taught him everything he knows before he's get a older to learn the truth about his future with a family, people and his youngest daughter will survive to defeat Super Buu. Sometimes, he's getting too angry and aggressive towards his enemies like Aku,

    Shawn was like a big brother to mostly everyone who he met in Samurai Jack World, Ninja World, Spencer World and Dragon World, and due to the pressure of being a Emperor's child and his relationship with his mentor Samurai Jack was a good father and son friendship, he had developed a kindhearted, caring, compassionate, friendly and energetic personality that often got him into trouble with his parents. Aruto also had a verbal tic: when excited or frustrated, he would end his sentences with "Yukō!" (行こう!; English TV "Let's go!") something that his youngest daughter, grandsons, granddaughters and descendants have his inherited traits from him.

    Shawn deeply cared for his family, friends and student, and he trusted them with his life. The trust that he has with his students is shown when it was revealed that Shawn entrusted his daughter Kaylah, his oldest son to take care of his younger sister for him, their mother and other sisters passed away during their absences. Naturally, Shawn was devastated when Denise Uzumkai died after their daughter's childbirth and died along with his wife, Denise to protect Kaylah from the evil Mega Buu with their bodies to shield from Super Buu tried to kill her, however he realized that going into depression wouldn't help the situation at all, so he took it upon himself to raise his daughter, who became motherless mere moments after her birth and he's want his masters, Kitibo and Supreme Kai to raise his youngest daughter take her in their under training to make her a better strongest fighter than him, more powerful than her mother, and more smartest than her brother and sisters.

    Already showing protectiveness over his youngest daughter, Shawn cut off all connections to Denise's clan from Bojack and his galaxy soldiers, fully knowing that there are no more relatives left and that the hiding Aku, Frieza, Cell, Babidi, Dabura, Pui Pui, Yakon, Mega Buu and Super Buu may come after Kaylah if they found out she was still alive and survive from the cold blood massacre, which showed that he indeed already committed himself into looking after the safety of his youngest child: the last memory Denise, his eldest son Zesmond Spencer and other sisters: Brianna, Ashley, Brittany and Tiffany left him with.

    Relationship with Denise Uzumkai Edit

    Xumre44i6cjrvra3lkwdxq4k3kri3dx4 hq

    Shawn Spencer and Denise Uzumkai

    Shawn and Denise have their first meeting as they were children at the academy with Minato and Kushina in class together in Ninja World before they're moving into the Dragon World and Spencer World to take throne as the Fourth Emperor like his father did throughout in the anime series and movies.

    At the academy, Shawn was stopped the mean boys and girls; who've been picked on her, teased her, bullied her a lot and give a mean nicknames like "Crybaby" and "Daddy's Little Girl" as she's very little girl with average height because of very her pale skin complexion and blue eyes.

    They both are the last survivors left of their kinds and left from their different worlds were targeted and destroyed in cold-blood murder spee on their people by their enemies's clans: Shawn: Wizard Babidi, Pui Pui, Yakon, Dabura and Super Buu and whereas for Denise: Bojack and his galaxy warriors, they both are growing up as orphans after the loss of their parents, people and clanmates, as the outcasts the outcasts to hatred of the people in villages and cities with no friends and parent's love.

    The different between them is: Shawn is a Saiyan was born with Immortality and Saiyan heritage tail before it's removed by Supreme Kai since he was baby when his parents were killed by Wizard Babidi, Dabura, Pui Pui and Super Buu in Spencer World empire during the Spencer Clan Massacre, and Denise was the Shenron and Porunga Jinchuriki of Earth and Namekian Dragon Balls Birthmarks and one survivor left with her caretaker and become Tsunade Senju's student.

    Shawn is truly caring for her since he's very friendly and compassionate with kind and gentle personality. Because their love has become much stronger enough

    Biography Edit

    Background Edit

    Shawn Spencer was born in October 31 of Age 220 with Immortality as born as a Saiyan in Spencer World empire as a royal prince to James Spencer and Rita Spencer after his mother drank the Sacred Water of Eternal Life of Immortality pond, since on the day of his birth and living with his parents in Huge Royal Winter Palace. Until he was 6 years old, his parents gave their lives to save him by send him away to the Samurai Jack World for his protection and take this martial arts with heroic effect legacy as the Child of Property from the wrath of Wizard Babidi, Dabura, Pui Pui, Yakon, Mega Buu and Super Buu in their palace to kill them all in cold blood; because they're hiding him from the precedence of death. Shawn was able to stay with her until she was nearly two months old, but he was called to battle with Mega Buu when it attacked their dimensional world, and he lost his life along with his wife, Denise to during the assault.

    Before he departed to the battle, he entrusted Kaylah to be great fighter, his biographical youngest daughter.

    Dragon Ball Z Edit

    Cell Saga Edit

    Main article: Cell Games Saga

    Shawn returns as a ghost in his daughter's mind, his first meeting to his daughter for the first time as he's revealed himself during the fight with Cell since he was a teenager

    Majin Buu Saga Edit

    Main articles: Fusion Saga and Majin Buu Transforms

    In Kaylah's flashbacks,

    He was 37 years old when he's died

    Legacy Edit

    Shawn wants his daughter to take care of herself and listen to her big brother flashbacks of her childhood memories.

    Film Appearances Edit

    The Revenge of Super Buu Edit

    Main article: Dragon Ball Z: The Revenge of Super Buu

    In the flashbacks,

    Bardock - The Father of Goku Edit

    Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku

    In Bardock's versions,

    Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan Edit

    Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan

    Power Edit

    Main article: List of Power Levels

    Manga and Anime

    Like his youngest daughter, he's the greatest swordsman and master martial artist when he was a Saiyan and Immortality and his power level is 2,12225,0000.00.





    Video games

    Techniques and Special Abilities Edit

    • Flight -
    • Ki Blast -
    • Ki Sense -
    • Afterimage Technique -
    • Afterimage Strike -
    • Swordsmanship -
    • Immortality -

    Transformations Edit

    Great Ape Edit

    Main article: Great Ape


    Unlock Potential Edit

    Main article: Unlock Potential


    Potential Unleashed Edit

    Main article: Potential Unleashed


    Super Saiyan Edit

    Main article: Super Saiyan


    Video Game Appearances Edit

    Shawn Spencer is the playable character in the video games appearances include:

    Voice Actors Edit

    Battles Edit

    Battles Edit

    • Shawn and Samurai Jack vs. Aku
    • Shawn and Samurai Jack vs. Beetle drones
    • Shawn and Samurai Jack vs. Zombies
    • Shawn, Scotman and Samurai Jack vs. Bounty hunters
    • Shawn vs. Bounty hunters
    • Shawn vs. Demongo
    • Shawn vs. DJ (anime only)
    • Shawn vs. Aku

    Movies Edit

    • Shawn, Denise and Pete vs. Bojack and his gang
    • Shawn vs. Zarbon and Dodoria
    • Shawn and Denise vs. Frieza
    • Shawn vs. Garlic Jr.
    • Shawn vs. Cell
    • Shawn, Denise and Zesmond vs. Perfect Cell
    • Shawn vs. Dabura
    • Shawn and Zesmond vs. Pui Pui
    • Shawn vs. Super Buu
    • Shawn and Denise vs. Super Buu

    Trivia Edit

    • Shawn's name means (肖恩 or ショーン) is in the American the meaning of the name Shawn is: Irish: God is gracious; gift from God.
    • Shawn doesn't like Aku so much in of his childhood master Samurai Jack from his childhood memories.
    • Shawn is afraid of powerful strongest villains since his early childhood.
    • Shawn hates being weaker than himself.
    • Shawn's favorite hobby is to fight powerful opponents.
    • Shawn eat every food everything.
    • Shawn's favorite vehicle is Flying Nimbus.

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