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Shining Sword Attack
Alternate names Shainingu Sodo Atakku
Burning Slash
Lightning Sword Slash
Meteo Hell Slasher
Slash Break
Debut "Another Super Saiyan?"
Inventor Future Trunks
Users Future Trunks
Class Physical
Color       &       (Finishing Blast)
Similar techniques Cold Family Power
Lightning Sword Slash
Darkness Sword Attack
Dimension Sword Attack
Brave Sword Attack

Shining Sword Attack (シャイニングソードアタック) is a rush attack used by Future Trunks. First, Future Trunks flies up and comes down to vertically slash the opponent with his sword. Next, he slashes the opponent multiple times, chopping them up into bits. Finally, Future Trunks draws his hand back and brings it forward to fire a yellow energy wave at the opponent, inflicting a high amount of damage.


The first and only time Trunks Utilizes this attack is against Mecha Frieza when him and King Cold came to earth to destroy it.