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Tien Kikoho
Alternate names Chi Kung Blast
Energy Work Blast
Ki Blast Cannon
Tri-Beam Cannon
Spirit Cannon
Kiku Kanone (German dub)
Debut Manga: "Desperation Move"
Anime: "The Spirit Cannon"
Inventor Master Shen
Users Master Shen
Mutaito's disciples
Tien Shinhan
Cell Juniors
Super Buu[1]
Class Energy Beam
Color       &      
Similar techniques Kill Driver
Light Grenade
The Tri-Beam is a powerful but dangerous move taught by the crane school . First the user forms there hands together into a triangle and then shouts "TRI-BEAM, HA!" as they shoot out a beam in the shape of a square or a triangle at the opponent. It is incredibly powerful but at the cost of it sucking life force out of the user which might kill them. Tien is the main user of this move, however, Cell Juniors also are able to use it. After Tien trained with King Kai , he perfected the attack into the Neo Tri-Beam which allows him to control how much energy is put into it which he managed to make it strong enough to hold back Semi-Perfect Cell for a great deal of time. Although Cell has Tien's genes, he does not use the Tri-Beam, but the Cell Juniors use it against Gohan, with no effect due to Gohan's amazing power.

References Edit

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