Wish Upon A Dragon

Wish Upon A Dragon (ドラゴンボール危機一髪, Doragon Booru Kiki Ippatsu; lit. "Critical Moment for the Dragon Balls") is the second volume of the original Dragon Ball manga series by Akira Toriyama. It was released on January 10, 1986 in Japan and on March, 2003 for the English version. It covers thirteen chapters; the second half of the Emperor Pilaf Saga and the very beginning of the Tournament Saga.


Main charactersEdit

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Chapter # Title
12 "In Search of Kame-Sen'nin"
In Search of Kame Sennin
13 "Fanning the Flame"
14 "Kame Kame Kame Kame Kame Chameleon"
15 "At Sixes and Sevens"
At Sixes and Sevens
16 "One Goal, One Enemy"
One Goal One Enemy
17 "Carrot Top"
Carrot Top
Character Debuts: Monster Carrot
18 "Who's Got My Balls?!"
Character Debuts: Mai, Shu and Emperor Pilaf
19 "At Last...the Dragon!"
20 "Just One Wish!!"
Just One Wish
21 "Full Moon"
Full Moon
22 "The End of the Tale"
The End of the Tale
23 "Separate Ways"
Separate Ways
24 "The High Price of Education"
The High Price of Education

Differences from the animeEdit

  • In the anime, Emperor Pilaf messes around with Goku and the others using a giant pinball just after taking Goku's Four-Star Ball, but that scene was not present in the manga.


  • The title of the manga chapter "Kame Kame Kame Kame Kame Chameleon," is a reference to a song by Boy George of Culture Club named "Karma Chameleon." However, in the recently released Vizbig version, the chapter is changed to "Kamehameha!", for the song was released in the 80's, and it would not appeal to a modern audience. However, at the end of Chapter 13, it says "next: Kame Kame Kame Kame Kame Chameleon".
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